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Mindfulness in your organisation

I have been bringing mindfulness into a variety of workplaces since 2016, adapting the classes to suit the needs of each organisation and delivering weekly classes internationally. I have taught mindfulness in global finance organisations, software companies, law firms, schools, universities and hospitals, both in London and the South East and remotely. Participants have included staff from all levels of the organisations.

Mindfulness class options

All my teaching is based on the evidence-based eight-week MBSR and MBCT classes which offer a wealth of benefits for people, both as individuals and as employees and team members. I can deliver:

  • Introductory information-giving and taster classes
  • Tailored one-hour or shorter classes suitable for lunch breaks, or at either end of the working day
  • Follow-on courses for those with some experience already
  • Ongoing support to remain a mindful workplace with all its benefits
  • Full eight-week MBSR course with two-hour classes

Topics covered include:

  • reducing stress
  • reducing anxiety
  • building resilience
  • improving communication and relationships
  • improving work efficiency with better focus
  • finding work-life balance
  • boosting mood
  • sleeping better

Please get in touch to discuss how mindfulness training can benefit your employees and organisation.

Researched benefits for mindfulness in the workplace