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Distance Learning Mindfulness Course

If you prefer to do the eight-week mindfulness course from the comfort of your own home, then perhaps doing the course by distance learning on the phone or by Skype could be the answer.

I offer a personalised, one-to-one course that you can take using either the phone or Skype if you prefer.

The advantages are that the eight mindfulness sessions can be fitted in around your schedule and needs, and you don't even have to leave your home! The only thing you need is a phone or Skype.

The course follows the standard eight-week mindfulness course programme. For more information, see mindfulness and the course outline.

The cost includes either a paper copy of the course workbook and CDs or electronic versions of either or both, whichever you prefer. The cost is £300 for sessions lasting an hour or a little more if needed.

I also offer email support for you while you are doing the course.

Free meditations online

Please see the Meditations page to listen to (and download) free meditations